giovedì 15 settembre 2011


CERNARC Project Logo
 Two years ago, I realized I was not able to to take proper pictures. I had no knowledge of the light, no composition rules, no technical background.

 Left the camera, books opened.
I started studying as much as possible, everyday, learning from expert texts, people and doing lot lot lot of personal technical experience.

 Now is time for a photo project. Today, I feel much more confident with photography, and I really need to start taking photos again with a mature approach. What is better than a photographic project?

Architectural Photography is great for practice composition and perspective, but there is a more challenging aspect in it than simply shooting buildings.

The hunt for the Artistic point of view of the world, is what I am looking for this project. Where to really improve such a big challenge?

CERN Architecture is one of the worst place from the architectural design point of view. Almost all the buildings comes from a pure functional approach. In few words, CERN buildings are awful.

CERNARC Project starts exactly where the civil engineer stopped. I am going to look at this place with a different eye, and try to find  an artistic point of view between these buildings. Walking after work in the CERN Area with my camera, my PC wide angle and a tripod, I started.