sabato 27 agosto 2011

IX Nikkor 30-60 Pronea on D700!

 As this picture proofs, I manage to mount the IX Nikkor Pronea 30-60mm on a Full Frame D700 and shoot with it, using AF and having the CPU working!

IX Nikkor 30-60 is a Nikkor lens designed only (as Nikon says) for Pronea APS camera, now discontinued. You can get this lens on ebay for 15 dollars, 'cause all the forum on the web, and Nikon, insist on the fact that YOU CAN NOT MOUNT this lens on a Nikon DSRL or on any Nikon F mount.

This is true, because the lens has a back lens hood that goes deep inside the mount and it will collide with the main camera mirror. But, with just a little bit of bricolage, you can easily convert this lens in a real F mount lens... and what is really amazin, this lens, becomes an extremely compact, light and AF FULL FRAME lens!!

These are the main steps I did to do the conversion. The conversion, is also reversible, so you can go back and remount the lens as it was.

Step one: Unscrew the back lens hood, unscrew the CPU contacts and remove the F plastic mount from the barrel.

Step 2: The CPU is mounted on a metallic support. This is the real part you have to convert, otherwise, it will touch and possible damage, the camera mirror:

Removing the aperture couple gear and AF gear, you can access at a small screw that can be removed. This crew is the one that fixes the metal structure for the CPU. Once you have remove and carefully unglued the electronics from the support, you can put all the CPU between the external ring and the internal barrel. There is space for it!!

Just remount all the parts, and ... that is the IX Nikkor 30-60mm F mount !!!

This is the FIRST test picture, with Nikon D700... Oh my good... It is a FULL FRAME LENS!!!! Ok, a little bit of vignetting... but WOW, it simply works! You can read from Exif, the CPU is working and the AF couple on D700 works perfectly, and it is extremely fast.

This is the lens mounted on a D60. I will go tomorrow near Mont Blanc to do some tests of this lens. It is extremely light, and, for sure, is the first Pancake Zoom lens for my small baby... Has the lens has the CPU, Matrix metering works on D60. Of course, on entry level, AF does not work, but, for external usage, keeping the AF at the Iper-focal distance, and shooting  near f/11, you can have perfect outdoor picture...

And this is a picture of Mont Blanc from Balcon sud, with D60 at 30mm

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